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One day a friend told me she worried about me (which was nice, as I do as well). She said “Why don’t you write a happy song”? Now this shocked me as I thought all my songs were happy songs. Now I know sometimes unhappy people listen to them but that’s not my responsibility surely. Anyway when she had left and I thought about her comments I sat down and wrote this song. Amazing what comes out sometimes.

She asked me to write a happy song, a happy song today
“I’m tired of those sad ones, won’t you sing the blues away?”
“Sing me a song about beauty or the clear blue sky”
 So she wouldn’t feel miserable I thought I’d give it a try

So I’m not gonna sing about Bosnia or the children in Iraq
Nothing about East Timor, gonna keep it in my backyard
Forget about the bombings, forget about the pain
I’m just gonna sing you a happy song, over and over again

Happy, happy, happy, happy, cause that’s how I’m gonna be
I’m happy, happy, happy as the birds up in the trees

Because this is a happy song I’m not gonna mention Pauline
Or little Johnny what’s-his-name, save him for another scene
I’m gonna stay calm and focused, no political jibes around here
I’m gonna show my positive side and smile from ear to ear, and be…


If I didn’t read the papers or watch so much TV
I’d have a much clearer sense of world reality
And I would see the forest and the wood for the trees
And I’d see the good in Rupert, Kerry, Johnny and Pauline, and I’d be…


I’m sitting on my verandah with the forest all around
Watching the wildlife and listening to their sounds
And I watch the little finches and I hear what they all say
And I watch as a kookaburra swoops on down and takes one of them away, but I’m still…


I’m happy, happy, happy as the kookaburra in the tree

Noel  Gardner copyright
Corrugated Music

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