Noel Gardner musician song writer


I’ve ridden all that outback and walked those dusty roads
I’ve seen my aspirations disappear
My father pushed the mulga like his father did before
My family worked this land for sixty years

Drought flood and fire on the sunburnt ravished block
We thought we could tame this last frontier
But foreclosure and nature it takes it’s toll my friend
A generations fold of mother’s tears

I am leaving my homeland, I am waving goodbye
I am holding onto memories, as that gate disappears from my eye

Another day another hope another clear blue sky
Another round of ravished stock to feed
A prayer a thought nostalgia, is etched upon my lines
Of ten years of faded hopes and dreams


This naked land was taken, possession was the law
King and country immigrant pioneers
But there are still laws of nature out on those western plains
As overstocked pastures disappear


Noel  Gardner copyright
Corrugated Music

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