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Mt. Coolum is the second largest monolith rock in Australia. As well as being a local landmark on the Sunshine Coast it formed a significant part of local aboriginal legend and folklore. American Warships used it during the Second World War for target practice and it was damaged and scarred by using it as a quarry during the 1960’s.

Following local developers gaining control of the local Council during the 1980’s there was a proposal to build a chairlift up to its summit. This song was written as part of the campaign to Save Mt. Coolum. In 1990 I had the honour of singing this song at the ceremony to declare Mt. Coolum a national park.

For years you stood so proudly, above that forest green
The murri’s danced around your feet, nightime corroborees
Boldly reaching to the sky, facing at the shore
Down through time eternity, dreamtime and folklore

Woh oh Mt Coolum, to scar the body takes the soul away
Woh oh Mt Coolum, leave the rock for future kids to play

Now in that sea of canefields, you still stand so free
The forests they have gone now, bared for all to see
They want to scar your beauty, give the rock away
Why can’t we just be content with what we’ve got today


Ninderry took your head away and threw it out to sea
Poor Mudjimba facing back, wonders what will be
White man ate into your side, now wants to scar your face
Why can’t we just be content with what we’ve got today


The black swan shed a tear for you, flowing to the sea
A warrior so young and brave, poor Marutchi
Gushing down those rocky hills, that river of fears
White man’s greed of black man’s need today’s dreamtime tears


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