Noel Gardner musician song writer


I remember the time when you came to my life
I remember the feelings I had
The wonder of the newborn
The joys of being a dad

I remember the first time I touched you
I remember my words and my smile
Your giggles and laughter ring in my ears
As I sit and reflect for a while

I remember your candour and passion
Enthusiasm reaching new highs
The cuts and abrasions are still going strong
Two boys stretching their lives

I love you, I love you, I love you deep from my heart
Photographs and memories are with me wherever you are

I remember the joy of your first day at school
Proud young boys on their own
Two brothers sharing the love that they have
Two young men growing up strong

I remember the sadness when I had to go
The tears shed for my new start
And I’m sorry for the hurt that it gave you both
Two parents tearing apart


There are so many thoughts over so many years
There are so many more to unfold
Whatever you do, wherever you go
May your music come straight from your soul


Photographs and memories are with me wherever you are

Noel  Gardner copyright
Corrugated Music

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