Noel Gardner musician song writer


A story is told of a legend of old
A maiden who walked in the sand
Gazed across at the forest and trees
Kabi tribal land

Slender as the sheoak tree
Her voice was soft and light
Claimed by Burwilla the strong one
The fighter of the tribe

She watched the clouds swirl overhead
The thunder in the sky
As Tagan decended on to the beach
And came upon her side

Together they walked on the shoreline
Hand in hand
For her dreams were answered and her heart burned fire
For that handsome rainbow man

Rainbow man on the Teewah Sands
I’m thinking of you
As we watch the morning sunrise
With your colours changing hew

You walked upon those golden sands
Murrawah by your side
Now we share your strength and beauty
In those coloured grains of time

He promised to return when the rain clouds came
Again some day
He hoped to take her as his bride
To a land far away

But his destiny, it had to be
Burwilla showed his hand
With his spear and swirling boomerang
Took the colours of the rainbow man

Yellow red and purple flew through the air
And there today from that dreamtime rain
Are the colours that we share


Noel  Gardner copyright 5/7/89
Corrugated Music

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