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Reviews of Noel's second CD, Fraser

"Over many years of writing, singing and performing on the Sunshine Coast, Noel Gardner has quietly established himself as a man of great talent and sincerity, concerned with protecting (and saving) the environment around him…

He doesn’t rant, rave or get up your nose, but appeals to your intelligence, interest in history and common sense through calm folk songs pointing out the benefits and joy we receive from these gifts of nature. As on his previous CD release, Gardner’s somewhat mournful style and sound echoes the likes of Shane Howard (Goanna).

This brand new EP offers five excellent songs about the environment in our part of the world – the whales, the shipwrecks, and of course the magical effect Fraser Island has on all who visit there.  More please."

Andrew Tucker - Sunshine Coast Daily


"Noel has truly captured the spirit of this magnificent land in (his) poignant and picturesque lyrics. .. Noel’s music has the ability to take us there – to walk the beaches, hear the surf, and touch our hearts. I thoroughly recommend this unique and sensitive interpretation of Fraser – truly a touch of paradise."

Angela Mackay - Brisbane Folk Rag


"Noel Gardner has been around the traps in the folk music scene for years. Currently he lives on the Sunshine Coast, and ABC Wide Bay caught up with him when he was performing [with a bunch of friends] at the Yag'ubi Festival.

It was particularly appropriate, because Noel's most recent album was inspired by Fraser Island. 'Fraser' is a short album - only 5 tracks - but it leaves the listener wanting more. Tracks inspired by the beauty of the island, its winter visitors the Humpback Whales, and even the wreck of the TSS Maheno, paint a beautiful picture.

Noel has used a lot of friends to play on the album, with Dave Burrows's bouzouki and Kathy Francis's whistle standing out. All though the album the ensemble playing of a bunch of musos who obviously know each other well lifts good songs to an even higher level.

For this reviewer the driving 'Humpback Whale' and 'TSS Maheno' and the lilting 'Sunset Symphony' stand out, but overall Noel Gardner never puts a foot wrong."

Ross Peddlesden  - ABC Wide Bay Qld - May  2004 


Fraser has received regular airplay on ABC Coast FM & ABC Wide Bay.

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